Partyzanai is a baltic record label between Vilnius and Cologne, which stands for constant sound revolt. More info


Chronological background


It has all started from dj duo idea, which evoke in the late 90’s by two neighbors living in Kaunas city (some people call it the city of Detroit in Lithuania). Gvidas B. and Mantas T. met each other back in 1997. They both had a thing in common: huge passion for music and similar taste in sound. Since the early nineties they were regulars at various rave parties and were heavily influenced by Detroit Techno and the likes of Acid House.


Few years later it was a new experience living outside the country. Mantas was gone to the States and later to the UK. At the same time Gvidas moved to Ireland. Both guys continued spinning decks at various bars, pubs and clubs. Gvidas received publicity at Dublin’s daily newspaper. Partyzanai came back together playing at one of the London’s bar in Charing Cross’s area.


In 2004, Partyzanai came back in their homeland, Lithuania, and decided to be behind the decks once again. Based in Vilnius, with a fresh experience and a record bag full of cutting-edge beats, their dj sets became acclaimed nationwide. With TV and radio appearances, demo mixes and self-irony, Mantas became a well-known resident of the famous night club Gravity. The first club night called ‘Revolt’ brought a lot of spark into the Lithuanian music scene. Partyzanai, as party promoters, invited local djs and international guests such as Damian Lazarus, Marc Almond, Steve Kotey, The Orb, Daniel Bell, Ewan Pearson, Jori Hulkkonen.


In summer 2005,  Partyzanai established a non-profit netlabel under the name of Partyzanai Netlabel. Initial label’s purpose is 24/7 search and releases of alternative music artists in Baltic region. Having the first album release of the artist named Golden Parazyth, Partyzanai netlabel was widely acclaimed nationwide. Few Nolder’s ‘E And Oh’ track appeared on Elektronik Baltikum compilation cd, and his first single on vinyl and debut album ‘New Folder’ are out on legendary Planet MU label.


In year 2006-2008 as well as djing abroad, Partyzanai successfully organised the local night series at Gravity Club, Milkbar and venue WOO. Focusing on good music quality and live visuals, it soon became the hottest night in town with the Lithuanian Vj teams Rut Rut and Vodka Jugend. Partyzanai were involved in guest appearances and live acts of Andrew Weatherall, Keith Tenniswood , Ivan Smagghe, Joakim, Arnaud Rebotini, Funkstörung, Kiki, Swayzak Soundsystem, Phonique, Tim Paris, Tiefschwarz, My My, Roman Flugel, JD Twitch, Superpitcher, Troy Pierce, Ada, Chloe, Tobias Thomas, JG Wilkes (aka Optimo), Nathan Fake to name a few. Durin this years Partyzanai traveled as far as Iceland. Played in Scene: NRW contemporary art festival festival in Dortmund, Germany as well as touring neighboring countries of Poland, Kaliningrad and Latvia.


Spring 2008, Mindaugas, known as Nostra, joined Partyzanai duo. In the beginning of his electronic music path he was influenced by hard techno, later – by labels like Boxer, Trapez, Level Non Zero. Mindaugas is the promoter of WETT! party series, with names brought as Water Lilly, Agnes, Jorge Soveretti to name a few.


Year 2009 was also busy with some highlights to mention. Mantas moved to Cologne and continued his dj carrier at the local scene with appearance at well known electronic music festival C/O POP beside such artists as The Whitest Boy Alive, Moderat, Gus Gus, Trentemoeller, Ricardo Villalobos, Gui Boratto and Michael Mayer. Nostra was performing in a audiovisual festival in Lille (France) and later joined Mantas at the gig in legendary Edinburgh club ‘Cabaret Voltaire’ together with minimal techno diamond Alex Smoke. Partyzanai also signed up to their label a new Lithuanian dub-techno talent Infektion with his debut ‘Motorcity’ EP.


In year 2010 we finally released Soy Farm album ‘Obsession’ on vinyl. Also we signed a new minimal techno artist Calli and released his digital ‘Acid from nowhere’ EP. Besides we played in many festivals besides Dirk Layers, Peter Van Hoesen, Dasha Rush, Anders Ilars, Dj Rolando (UR, Detroit), Jachoozi and Advent to name a few.


In year 2011 and 2012 we signed three local artists Tankete, Sraunus and Wasted Gaze and released their debut EPs. Together with community we organised a remarkable and the long lasting “+++” party series with lots of local and foreign guests.


In year 2013 we launched the Partyzanai Pop sub-label by splitting the label’s back catalog in order to get more consistency. Partyzanai Pop idea is the collaboration between Lithuanian indie and electronic music scenes, by delivering the remixes of the forthcoming indie bands and incentivizing the attention to them on the dancefloor. Besides various Partyzanai artists performed at Supynes festival, Satta Outside festival, Go Gaga annual audiovisual event, Norden Wave, Opium Club, Studio9, Soulbox, Loftas and shared the stage with Isolee, Blondes, Prosumer, Lando Kal, Casio Kids to name a few.


In year 2014 Partyzanai artis played at Supynes festival, Satta festival, Go Gaga, Kirtis, Opium Club, Kalblys, Sirius Festival and shared the stage with  Roman Fluegel, Kowton, Benjamin Damage, Kink and Giles Smith.


In year 2015 Partyzanai launched a joint label Plius Plius Plius together with the community, which is responsible for the Resident Advisor featured best electronic music festival in Lithuania – Supynes.  Both teams joined their efforts to discover, purify and deliver a quality electronic music, which each time will presented in the since 2010 established party series +++. Besides that Partyzanai artists performed at Supynes festival, Granatos Festival, Logout Festival, Plius Plius Plius Events at Opium Club, Opalocka club, Kalblys club  and shared the stage with Ben Klock, Tin Man, Bambonou and Conforce to name a few.


The year 2016 was the year of our joint label Plius Plius Plius, on which we released debut EPs of Mecanica, Thing, Rjn Dzem, Bell Riots, Konsistent and OBCDN. Label and sub-label artists performed at Devilstone Festival, Logout Festival and Plius Plius Plius Events. We also hold residencies at Opium Club, Kablys and Lizdas clubs and shared the stage with Matrixxman, Gunnar Haslam, Scuba, Benjamin Damage, Eric Cloutier, Gary Beck, Low Jack, Drvg Cvltvre, Annanan, Ambivalent, Voiski, Zombies in Miami to name a few.


In year 2017 we focused on Partyzanai Pop sub-label, signed and released the EPs and remixes of the promising bands Without Letters and Local Blood. Partyzanai artists performed at Lizdas  club (Residency), Prisukamas Abrikosas (Lizdas Outside Rave Event), Opium Club (Residency), Kablys Club, Lantern Club (Beijing), Oil Club (Shenzhen), Supynes Festival, Devilstone Festival, Granatos Live festival, Tropico Microfest, PPP event and shared the stage with Black Merlin, Umwelt, Redshape, Superpitcher, Cardopussher, Eduardo De La Calle, Samo Dj, and MR TC, to name a few.