Next on our podcast series is a re-cast of Mantas T. dj mix for the Antidote videocast project which was recorded live on the Vilnius Heat Plant in May 2023. The mix is available with video on the Antitodte Youtube channel, on Partzyanai Soundcloud or over all podcast services including Samsung Podcasts or Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in Apple Podcasts >>


The tracklist:


  1. Bleach Cult / Acid Shades / Partyzanai Pop
  2. Omar S / Can’t Explain (R&B Mix) / FXHE
  3. Unknown / Unknown
  4. Tal Fussman / Persona / Innervisions
  5. Nick León feat. Dj Babatr / Xtasis / TraTraTrax
  6. Impérieux / Desert Viper (KiNK Remix) / Sofia Records
  7. Rex The Dog / Moto / Kompakt
  8. Tiga / There Is No Distance Between Us (u.r.trax Remix) / Turbo Recordings
  9. Rod / Greep / RODLabel
  10. High Fidelity / Catchin’ A Case / Strictly Strictly
  11. Lord Pusswhip / Sveigð (Bielefeld Murder Boys Remix) / Aller Ende Anfang
  12. Tensal / Metaverse / Involve Records
  13. Blame The Mono / Front Left Rodeo / Taapion
  14. Vel / You Taste Like Zaatar / Criminal Justice Act
  15. MDR / Let Her Go / Live From Earth
  16. Yves Tumor / Lovely Sewer / Warp Records



The third installment in PZ Records’ bootleg series features a remix by 5ZYL of the track “Green Stuff” by Mr. Puta. It is a modern electro interpretation of the underground Dutch hardstyle/hardcore producer’s original, ideal for commanding peak-time slots in your DJ sets at clubs or big room raves. You can preview and order bootleg over Bandcamp >>


Finally, join the release launch events:


9.2.2024, 8PM: PZ BROADCAST at Radio Vilnius >>


10.2.2024, 11PM: PZ & Gars Records Showcase at “O Kodel Ne? venue in Kaunas >>







BEST OF 2023 / THANK YOU …  
… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2023. Special thanks to clubs of our residency – LizdasKablys + Club and Elastica club for hosting our managed event series Jaudesys and GARS. Radio Vilnius for trusting us to run our monthly Partyzanai Broadcast show. Nøhel, Phase Line, Klastote. Dannie Fade, Cport Cistema, Shkema, 5ZYL, Karkasas, Y2kati and Ement for the releases and remixes. Tadas Karpavicius and Mantas Lukoševičius for the graphic designs and art direction. Archecho No for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture.


Finally hit our forthcoming events:


9.2.2024 >> Mantas T. at PAKILIMAS: Black in ex Vilnius Taxi Garage  in Vilnius >>


10.2.2024 >> Nøhel, 5zyl, Phase Line, Y2kati aka Jaroska, Ement and Mantas T. at PZ & GARS RECORDS SHOWCASE in OKN? Venue in Kaunas >>




The 30th episode is dedicated to the review of all releases of PZ and Gars Records in year 2023.  The retrospective was executed by the one of the show’s residents and labels runner Mantas T. During the show also the single of Klastote “Pats Tu Generic” on Gars Records was launched. 

The recording of the broadcast is available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklist:


  1. Klastote / Pats Tu Generic / Gars Records
  2. Dannie Fade / Žmonės / Partyzanai Pop Records
  3. Dannie Fade / Mope / Partyzanai Pop Records
  4. Dannie Fade / Just A Brick In The Wall (Cport Cistema remix) / Partyzanai Pop Records
  5. Fisherspooner / Mega C (Ement remix) / PZ Records
  6. Nøhel / Peaks (Ement Remix) / PZ Records
  7. Nøhel / Peaks / PZ Records
  8. Nøhel / 2 Step / PZ Records
  9. Nøhel / Mind Control / PZ Records
  10. Ramirez / Be A Witness (Nøhel Remix) / PZ Records
  11. Phase Line / Nightly Rituals (Deranged Remix) / Gars Records
  12. Phase Line / Cultivating Jungle (Y2Kati Remix) / Gars Records
  13. Phase Line / Nightly Rituals (Alex Krell Remix) / Gars Records
  14. Phase Line / Coming To Senses / Gars Records
  15. Phase Line / Sharpening A Tool / Gars Records
  16. Phase Line / Cultivating Jungle / Gars Records
  17. Phase Line / Nightly Rituals / Gars Records


Finally join our forthcoming events:


19.01.2024 >> Mantas T. @ B PUSES at Bar “Kultura” in Kaunas, LT.


20.01.2024 >> Mantas T. and Y2kati @ Techno Variklis Festival in Klaipeda, LT.


09.02.2024 >> Mantas T. @ Pakilimas: Black in Vilnius, LT


10.02.2024 >> Ement, Nøhel, tbd. @ OKN, Kaunas, LT





Next on our podcast series is Phase Line (Gars Records) dj mix for our Rebelcase project. The mix is available on our Soundcloud or over all podcast services including Samsung Podcasts or Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in Apple Podcasts >>


The tracklist:


1. Placid Angles – B1 Clouds Over Clifden (Dauwd Ramix)
2. Frequency – Turn The Light (vocal mix)
3. TWR72 – Boot(h) (Original Mix)
4. Franz Jäger – Joga Bonita
5. Deranged – Misfit
6. Talismann – Matam
7. Rhythm Modulation – Take
8. Nicko Shuo – Liturgy (Original Mix)
9. Nailbiter – Camp 20
10. Talismann – Hoar
11. Marco Bailey – Yellow
12. Talfelt – Motus Chao
13. Cravo – Kemu
14. Nicko Shuo – Elimination (Original Mix)
15. Truncate – User 7 (Drumcell Remix)
16. Talismann – Caru
17. (RUIZ OSC1) – Stinky Producer
18. Michaal Burkat – Little While
19. Kobaye = Hallo (59909 Alliance ’10 South’ Remix)
20. Rhom Omit – Mango Noir (Original Mix)
21. Regent – Off Agenda (Original Mix)


Finally join forthcomming Phase Line appearancet at Elastica club II years anniversary >> 




Special Partyzanai Broadcast episode dedicated to Phase Line  “Coming To Senses EP” launch, which was be released on the 17th of November on Gars Records. The EP is available in digital format and on handmade vinyl, limited to 20 copies worldwide. In the first hour of the radio show Mantas T. interviews shortly the EP author Phase Line. Later Gars Records founders Mantas T. and Jaroska aka Y2kati teamed up for the b2b dj set. On the second hour Phase Line took over.

The recording of the broadcast is available available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklists:


Mantas T. b2b Y2kati


  1. Phase Line / Cultivating Jungle / Gars Records
  2. Phase Line / Coming To Senses / Gars Records
  3. System 7 / High Plains Drifter (Voyager Remix)
  4. Ement / Roboquest 
  5. Umwelt / Airplanes In My Dreams
  6. Special Request / Silver ( KETTAMA Remix)
  7. New Frames / Silence & Sound (feat. Omon Breaker)
  8. Klamotte / Pats Tu Generic / Gars Records
  9. Lone / Waterfall Reverse
  10. y2kati / Intro
  11. Rhyw / Engine Track (Original)
  12. Ancient Methods / Fourth Methods
  13. Cerrot / Iso Geo
  14. y2kati / Wha’how Is Done (GenZ Acid Mix)
  15. Phase Line / Captivating Jungle (y2kati Remix)


Phase Line 


  1. Placid Angles / Clouds Over Clifden (Dauwd Remix)
  2. Frequency / Turn The Light (Vocal Mix)
  3. Ruskin & Broom / Okt
  4. James Ruskin / Dilemma
  5. Pan-Pot / Core (Original Mix)
  6. Vil & Cravo / Plane To Lisboa
  7. Rene Wise / Raptor
  8. TWR72 / Priorities
  9. Rhom Omit / Mango Noir (Original Mix)
  10. Alpha Track / Treeline
  11. James Ruskin / Cipher
  12. Cristoph Faust / Adehaes
  13. Ba. / Letas Sokis (Mario Moretti Remastered)


Finally, join our forthcoming events:


25.12.2023 >> Haden, Monte, Neilas J and Mantas T. @ Hard hard hard Christmas at Krantas Club in Klaipėda.


28.12.2023 >> Ma Banga and Mantas T. @ B Pusės at Bar Kamerinis in Kaunas.


29.12.2023 >> IP:VIII, Issa, Jpsc and Mantas T. @ Elastica No1r at Elastica Club in Vilnius.









While striving to explore new experimental sounds and push the boundaries of his style, Klastote crafted a track that stands out for its refreshing simplicity, reminiscent of the unassuming charm of the summer of 2023, to which the track is dedicated.


The single is released on the co-curated label Gars Records. Big thanks to Pranza ( to make it sound good, and Babauzhiu to make it look good.


You can preview the single on Gars Records Soundcloud and purchase it over our Bandcamp >>


The release launches on the 15.12.2023, 5PM at PZ Broadcast radio show in Radio Vilnius >>




The 28th episode is dedicated to Nøhel’s bootleg remix of Ramirez track “Be A Witness“, which was released on our sub-label PZ Records on the 21st of October (2023). In the first hour of the radio show you can hear a short interview with the bootleg author and a dj set of the show’s resident Mantas T. The second hour is taken over by Nøhel. 

The recording of the broadcast is available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklist:

  1. ddwy / Naini’s Call
  2. Barker / Birmingham Screwdriver
  3. Vinicius Honorio, Ricardo Garduno / Vinicius Honorio
  4. Atix / United
  5. DJ これからの緊急災害 / Kilo Ali Tribute To Out (WC Fast Ed1t)
  6. Julian Muller / This is real
  7. Julien Bracht, Jan Ha / Clear Sky
  8. Schwefelgelb / Vakuum
  9. Thomas Schumacher ft. Mark Porter / Hustle
  10. Alarico / AF 97
  11. X Club. / Block Rockin
  12. Black Dave / Soul Searcher
  13. Vermeer / Toi Et Moi (Paradis Edit)
  14. Lewis Legacy / New Encounter
  15. Narciss, DJ Heartstring / Heartbreak Repair System 


  1. 5ZYL – Xpand
  2. X-Truder – Sphere
  3. Hedchef – terminal velocity
  4. Errotica – Sweat
  5. Manao – Xnthefloor
  6. George Paolo – Lambo by the Crib
  7. Vizionn – Run
  8. Fischerspooner – Mega C (Ement Remix)
  9. Funk Tribu – Tell Me That You Want It 
  10. Mischluft – imma
  11. Jensen Interceptor; DJ Fuck Off – Boy U Nasty
  12. JoAnn – Everytime I’m In The Streets
  13. Same O – Wet Poetry
  14. Bicycle ride ft. HXRDBOY – ELK
  15. DJ Akoza – Test Mine (Jensen Interceptor Remix)
  16. Heggemann – Intoxicated





Monotone routine in the backstage blabber, willingness to change, escape the mindset loop, planting fresh seeds and harvesting the new sound. This could be a perfect episode names for the brand new series called Phase Line. But this is just a one sentence story, how the debut EP of the resident of the freshest techno club „Elastica“ in Vilnius was born. The EP is accomplished by the remixes of the most close and influential comrades Alex Krell, Deranged and Y2kati aka Jaroška.


The EP is released on the co-curated label Gars Records, which focuses on classically modern techno. Big thanks to Mantas Lukosevicius to make it look good and Pranza from to sound it good.


You can preview the EP on Gars Records Soundcloud and pre-order it over our Bandcamp >>


The release pre-launches on 17.11.2023, 6PM at PZ Broadcast with Phase Line, Y2kati and Mantas T. at radio show in Radio Vilnius >>


Finally, join the release pre-launch event Gars Stage in LABIRINTAS 2023 at Kablys + Club in Vilnius >>




Second on PZ Records bootlegs series is Nøhel remix for the Ramirez track „Be A Witness“. It‘s a modern update of the track from the underrated Mexican American rapper in the Californian underground scene, which will perfectly match peak-time slots in your dj sets at the club or big room raves.


Big thanks to Tadas Karpavicius for for the graphic design and Domantas Balciunas to sound it good.


You can preview the bootleg on PZ Records Soundcloud and order it over Bandcamp >>


Finally, join thr release launch event:


21.10.2023, 6PM: PZ BROADCAST at Radio Vilnius