The 31st episode is dedicated to 5ZYL’s bootleg remix of Mr Puta track “Green Stuff“, which was released on our sub-label PZ Records on the 9th of February (2024). In the first hour of the radio show you can hear a short interview with the bootleg author and a dj set of the show’s resident Mantas T. The second hour is taken over by 5ZYL

The recording of the broadcast is available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklist:


1st hour – Mantas T.


  1. PZBOOTLEGS003 / Green Stuff (5ZYL Bootleg Remix) /  PZ Records
  2. Le Mystérieux Orchestre Électronique de Paris / Apologie des Apogées au Sommet de la Montagne
  3. Nic Arizona / Akalaton (Odopt Remix)
  4. MoMA Ready / This Version May Never Come Out
  5. BFX / UnderStandMe (Yeh I Fvckin Did It Remix)
  6. Cport Cistema / Higher Love
  7. Borai & Denham Audio / Make Me (Breaka Remix)
  8. Malugi / Heart & Soul (Instrumental)
  9. Mohajer & Lawrence Lee/ Incantation
  10. Nziria / Ultrance
  11. Manu Kenton / Bang
  12. Oldyungmayn & Estoc / Grapple (3Phaz Remix)
  13. Levzon / Intense
  14. Gary Beck / Fold
  15. Kolo55 / Apollo
  16. Lars Huismann / Conductor
  17. X Club. / Parrallel Wire

2nd hour – 5ZYL

  1. Shades Of Rhythm / Psycho Base (Longman Mix)
  2. Voytek / Operate
  3. Versalife / Polychange
  4. Thee J Johanz / Savannah (Alternate Take)
  5. Lag & Vlaysin / Sirena
  6. Kuldaboli / Sovetrikin
  7. Sync 24 & Alienata / Confused
  8. Strktur / Styup
  9. The Exaltics / It Never Ends
  10. Surusinghe / Go To
  11. Furfriend / Geck (Scalameriya Remix)
  12. 5ZYL / That Disco Beat
  13. Dexter / Echopark
  14. Digjit / Blade 4
  15. Yutani / Automaton Breakdancing
  16. Bushwacka / Feng Shui
  17. J Wax / Oceans
  18. Glaskin / Slim Line
  19. Florindo / BBB
  20. Acid Arab &  Sofiane Saidi / Leila (KiNK Remix)
  21. Tafkamp / Ghett-Hoes
  22. Jah Scoop Meets Tiddles / Fandabidozi


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8.3.2024, 9PM >> Ma banga, Gvidas and Mantas T. @ B PUSES at Bar “Kultura” in Kaunas, LT.


9.3.2024, 7PM >> PZ Broadcast with Kiprpnno. Phase Line, CMRK, IP:VIII, Y2kati and Mantas T. at radio show in Radio Vilnius >>


9.3.2024, 11:59PM, Gars Showcase in club Elastica in Vilnius >>



  PZ BROADCAST radio show cover


Kipronno is a new musical project that focuses on movement oriented but also storytelling techno music. With a fair amount of experience in the music field, he aims to combine his understanding with new technology that comes along the way. Kipronno aka Kipras developed a fascination with music at a young age, becoming a resident DJ at his local club when he was just a teenager. Continuing his music journey, he moved to London where he finished a Music Production and Technology course and performed in multiple clubs and bars such as Shelter, Egg, Traffic and Ministry of Sound under a project called Empathy Slow. Later Kipras moved up north to study at Edge Hill University where he completed a Media, Music and Sound degree. This provided him with a broader musical exploration and taught him more about synthesis and live performance. While living in the north of England, Kipras occasionally DJ’ed in local clubs and on radio shows. Since returning to Lithuania, he has played in Yaga Gathering festival, private events and in Haxan Club where he performed as Kipronno officially for the first time.

He is very excited to shift his focus to the genre that speaks to him the most and present his Debut EP “Voyager” including six original tracks that tell us a story of a journey with a bumpy ride and the will to reach your destination.


The EP is released on the co-curated label Gars Records, which focuses on classically modern techno. Big thanks to Mantas Lukosevicius to make it look good and Pranza from to sound it good.


You can preview the EP on Gars Records Soundcloud and pre-order it over our Bandcamp >>


The release pre-launches on 9.3.2024, 7PM at PZ Broadcast with Kiprpnno. Phase Line, CMRK, IP:VIII, Y2kati and Mantas T. at radio show in Radio Vilnius >>


Finally, join the release launch event Gars Showcase in club Elastica in Vilnius >>




BEST OF 2023 / THANK YOU …  
… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2023. Special thanks to clubs of our residency – LizdasKablys + Club and Elastica club for hosting our managed event series Jaudesys and GARS. Radio Vilnius for trusting us to run our monthly Partyzanai Broadcast show. Nøhel, Phase Line, Klastote. Dannie Fade, Cport Cistema, Shkema, 5ZYL, Karkasas, Y2kati and Ement for the releases and remixes. Tadas Karpavicius and Mantas Lukoševičius for the graphic designs and art direction. Archecho No for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture.


Finally hit our forthcoming events:


9.2.2024 >> Mantas T. at PAKILIMAS: Black in ex Vilnius Taxi Garage  in Vilnius >>


10.2.2024 >> Nøhel, 5zyl, Phase Line, Y2kati aka Jaroska, Ement and Mantas T. at PZ & GARS RECORDS SHOWCASE in OKN? Venue in Kaunas >>




The 30th episode is dedicated to the review of all releases of PZ and Gars Records in year 2023.  The retrospective was executed by the one of the show’s residents and labels runner Mantas T. During the show also the single of Klastote “Pats Tu Generic” on Gars Records was launched. 

The recording of the broadcast is available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklist:


  1. Klastote / Pats Tu Generic / Gars Records
  2. Dannie Fade / Žmonės / Partyzanai Pop Records
  3. Dannie Fade / Mope / Partyzanai Pop Records
  4. Dannie Fade / Just A Brick In The Wall (Cport Cistema remix) / Partyzanai Pop Records
  5. Fisherspooner / Mega C (Ement remix) / PZ Records
  6. Nøhel / Peaks (Ement Remix) / PZ Records
  7. Nøhel / Peaks / PZ Records
  8. Nøhel / 2 Step / PZ Records
  9. Nøhel / Mind Control / PZ Records
  10. Ramirez / Be A Witness (Nøhel Remix) / PZ Records
  11. Phase Line / Nightly Rituals (Deranged Remix) / Gars Records
  12. Phase Line / Cultivating Jungle (Y2Kati Remix) / Gars Records
  13. Phase Line / Nightly Rituals (Alex Krell Remix) / Gars Records
  14. Phase Line / Coming To Senses / Gars Records
  15. Phase Line / Sharpening A Tool / Gars Records
  16. Phase Line / Cultivating Jungle / Gars Records
  17. Phase Line / Nightly Rituals / Gars Records


Finally join our forthcoming events:


19.01.2024 >> Mantas T. @ B PUSES at Bar “Kultura” in Kaunas, LT.


20.01.2024 >> Mantas T. and Y2kati @ Techno Variklis Festival in Klaipeda, LT.


09.02.2024 >> Mantas T. @ Pakilimas: Black in Vilnius, LT


10.02.2024 >> Ement, Nøhel, tbd. @ OKN, Kaunas, LT





The 28th episode is dedicated to Nøhel’s bootleg remix of Ramirez track “Be A Witness“, which was released on our sub-label PZ Records on the 21st of October (2023). In the first hour of the radio show you can hear a short interview with the bootleg author and a dj set of the show’s resident Mantas T. The second hour is taken over by Nøhel. 

The recording of the broadcast is available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklist:

  1. ddwy / Naini’s Call
  2. Barker / Birmingham Screwdriver
  3. Vinicius Honorio, Ricardo Garduno / Vinicius Honorio
  4. Atix / United
  5. DJ これからの緊急災害 / Kilo Ali Tribute To Out (WC Fast Ed1t)
  6. Julian Muller / This is real
  7. Julien Bracht, Jan Ha / Clear Sky
  8. Schwefelgelb / Vakuum
  9. Thomas Schumacher ft. Mark Porter / Hustle
  10. Alarico / AF 97
  11. X Club. / Block Rockin
  12. Black Dave / Soul Searcher
  13. Vermeer / Toi Et Moi (Paradis Edit)
  14. Lewis Legacy / New Encounter
  15. Narciss, DJ Heartstring / Heartbreak Repair System 


  1. 5ZYL – Xpand
  2. X-Truder – Sphere
  3. Hedchef – terminal velocity
  4. Errotica – Sweat
  5. Manao – Xnthefloor
  6. George Paolo – Lambo by the Crib
  7. Vizionn – Run
  8. Fischerspooner – Mega C (Ement Remix)
  9. Funk Tribu – Tell Me That You Want It 
  10. Mischluft – imma
  11. Jensen Interceptor; DJ Fuck Off – Boy U Nasty
  12. JoAnn – Everytime I’m In The Streets
  13. Same O – Wet Poetry
  14. Bicycle ride ft. HXRDBOY – ELK
  15. DJ Akoza – Test Mine (Jensen Interceptor Remix)
  16. Heggemann – Intoxicated





Mantas T delivers an eclectic vinyl-based DJ set for Antidote in Vilnius, Lithuania. The set was recorded live at an industrial beast called Vilnius Heat Plant No. 2, operated by “Vilniaus Šilumos Tinklai”. Big thanks to “Vilniaus Šilumos Tinklai” for believing in Antidote ideas and powering the episode – literally and figuratively. Vilnius Heat Plant-2 is one of the first industrial objects of post-war Vilnius, purposefully erected outside the city centre, around which a whole district of industrial buildings was later formed. The façade of the iconic central building is decorated with bricks from the original Palemonas ceramics factory, marked with an authentication mark. 


SHOT CREDITS: DOP: Linas Mažonas. Camera shots: Linas Mažonas, Dovydas Trumpa. Drone shots: Tadas Aleksandravičius, Povilas Stankūnas. Sound engineer: Vainius Fedotovas. Sound equipment – partner: Audioforma. Video editing director: Ged Jurga aka. STORK media. Edit and CC by: Ged Jurga aka. STORK media. Sound mastering: Deividas Jaroška. Kudos to: Karolis Vaiginis, Linas Krasauskas, Mažvydas Rupšys. Production manager: Vainius Fedotovas. Executive producer / Showrunner: Edmundas Pučkorius. Produced by Antidote Community. Project directed by SemiHuman



Finally, join our forthcoming events:


20.10.2023 >> Mantas T. and Ement @ Jaudesys, Lizdas club in Kaunas, LT >>.


21.10.2023 >> 8PM >> Mantas T. and Nohel >> PZBROADCAST @ Radio Vilnius >>


21.10.2023 >>  Mantas T. @ Elastica No1r:Lucia Lu in Vilnius, LT >>.




In the 26th episode of PZ Broadcast, the show’s residents Mantas T. and Ement share two hours of the show and mix recently digged modern club tracks. The recording of the broadcast is available available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklist


  1. Bawrut / Que Quiere Usted
  2. Ben Pest / Cancel Culture
  3. Bufiman / Neue Wellen
  4. Back From The Wave / Acid Rage
  5. 3ndels5, Crazymike / 808
  6. Data Assault / Dor E Miseria (Martinelli Remix)
  7. Brontez Purnell / Blues Of Every Night
  8. Zeta Reticula / Ionization
  9. Sam Goku / Rushing Radiants
  10. Ement / Sharping 
  11. Amadeezy / Paradoxxx
  12. Prime Suspect / Synthetic Love
  13. Asap Ferg / Work Like A G6 (MRD Edit)
  14. Ement / Echoes Of Yesterday
  15. Fisherspooner / Mega C (Ement Remix)
  16. Chlär / Intrinsic Drive
  17. Felix / Ponto A-Cido


Finally, join our forthcoming events:


15.9.2023 >> Mantas T. @ Kosmarai: Philippa Pacho at Lizdas Club in Kaunas >>


16.9.2023 >> 6PM >> Mantas T. with Dannie Fade >> PZBROADCAST @ Radio Vilnius >>


16.9.2023 >> Dannie Fade, Shkema, 5ZYL and Mantas T. @ Parkas: Partyzanai Pop Showcase in Vilnius >>







In the 25th episode of PZ Broadcast, the show’s resident Mantas T. together with one of the PZ Records artists –  5ZYL – shares recently digged modern club tracks. A short interview at the start of the show.  The recording of the broadcast is available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklist:


Mantas T.

  1. Known V.A. / Sirens
  2. Tiga & Hudson Mohawke / Time To Time
  3. Niklas Wandt / Bodyzeit (Borusiade Remix)
  4. Simple Symmetry / Problem (Red Axes Remix)
  5. Tiga & Hudson Mohawke / Fun Fun Fun
  6. Paul & Shark / For Serious DJs And Astrologers Only
  7. DJ Gigola,  X-Coast / Ich bin ready (X-Coast Version)
  8. Moktar / All Like That
  9. 3Phaz / Drum Track
  10. Hermeth / Lone Wolf [PRF03A]
  11. False Persona / Minimal Stares ft. Le3 bLACK
  12. JKS / Dance With The Lights
  13. Alphaconda / Hey Mami (Presented by Hyperaktivist)
  14. Kenji Hina / Driling
  15. Lars Huismann / Shimmer
    Sidewinder / Mist (Presented by D.Dan)



  1. Jerome Hill / Gaffney
  2. Dataintrång, Luke Eargoggle / The Supertrance 3
  3. Bleaching Agent / You Know How
  4. Vofa / Belly (Tool)
  5. DJ Problems / Sound of Lycabettus – Assandra
  6. 5ZYL / Unreleased track
  7. 5ZYL / Unreleased track
  8. 5ZYL / Unreleased track
  9. 5ZYL / Unreleased track
  10. 5ZYL / Unreleased track
  11. 5ZYL / Unreleased track
  12. 5ZYL / Unreleased track
  13. 5ZYL / Unreleased track
  14. Sonic Animation / I’m Afraid i Think I’m Human
  15. Faca / Siempre es Igual (User Delusion Bass Tool)
  16. Skodde / Fall Of Gondolin
  17. Ø [Phase], Dispar Vulgo / As It Is
  18. Lenson / Unleashed Kobra
  19. Dj Deeon / Work This Dick
  20. Troy / The Rite
  21. Negroni Nails / Speed Scale


Finally, join our forthcoming events:


18.8.2023 >> 8PM >> Mantas T. and Ement >> PZBROADCAST @ Radio Vilnius >>


18.8.2023 >> 4AM >> Mantas T. @ Lizdo Pliažas in Kaunas.


19.8.2023 >> Mantas T. @ Rave4Love in Lazdynai Region >>




In the 24th episode of PZ Broadcast, the show’s resident Mantas T. shares recently digged modern club tracks. The recording of the broadcast is available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklist:


  1. Special Request / Pleasure Principle (SR Offworld Mix)
  2. Dannie Fade / Zmones( 5ZYL Remix) / Partyzanai Pop Records (Forthcoming)
  3. Mr.H / Bail-E (Jotel California Eclipse Mix)
  4. Autow Nite Superstore feat. Andre The Kid / IDF
  5. Mutant Joa ft. Onoe Caponoe / Terrifier 
  6. Dagga, Nasty, King Kurl / Buzzin
  7. Nohel / 2 Step / PZ Records
  8. Elisa Bee / Pins and Needles
  9. Peachlyfe / Dirt Boi
  10. Tommy Holohan ft. Kettama / Back 2 They Way It Was 
  11. Nikki Nair / Can’t Wait(Peder Mennerfelt Remix)
  12. Marco Faraone & Flug / Gino is Alive
  13. Crtb / It Never Ends
  14. The Soft Moon / Face Is Gone (Unhuman Remix)
  15. Makornik / Kick In Your Teeth
  16. Vel / You Taste Like Zaatar
  17. MRD / Let Her Go


Finally, join our forthcoming events:


17.6.2023 >> Ement @ VARAS in Kaunas >>


22.6.2023 >> 8PM >> Mantas T. @ B PUSES @ TEMA in Klaipeda >>


23.6.2023 >> 8PM >> Mantas T. solo @ Laukas in Kaunas.


30.6.2023 >> Mantas T. @ Parkas in Vilnius >>


1.7.2023 >> 00:00 – 1:30 >> Mantas T. @ AUDRA Festival presented by Lizdas Club in Kaunas >>




Next on our podcast series is a re-cast of Mantas T. dj mix for the Isla to Isla project. The mix is available on Isla to Isla Soundcloud or over all podcast services including Samsung Podcasts or Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in Apple Podcasts >>


The tracklist:


  1. IVVVO / Deathpop
  2. Annie Hall / Memories That Never Happened
  3. $ombi / Wellen (Jensen Interceptor’s Lagoon Funk Mix)
  4. Perra Inmunda / Isso
  5. Boys Noize / MXXR
  6. Ghost In The Machine / Break
  7. Nohel / Peaks (Ement Remix) / PZ Records
  8. Dave N.A. / Solo Move
  9. DJ Gigola / Stream State
  10. Dajusch / Devilwish
  11. USAW / You Let Me Get (Original Mix)
  12. Glaskin / Steelscreen
  13. DJ Dextro / Forbidden Dreams (Original Mix)
  14. Makornik / Stuck In A Machine
  15. Unknown Artist / Attitude Era
  16. Blame The Mono feat. HerrClem / Gazzellehorden
  17. AZYR / The Bassline Gives Her Ecstacy
  18. MRD / Destinantion Never



Finally, join the forthcoming events:


19.5.2023, 9PM: PZ BROADCAST at Radio Vilnius


19.5.2023, 11PM: Elastica Season Finale with Beste Hira, Metaraph and local support at club Elastica in Vilnius


19.5.2023, 5:30AM: Košmarai x Attention! at club Lizdas in Kaunas


20.5.2023, 8PM: PZ Records Showcase at SPACE bar in Šiauliai