BEST OF 2023 / THANK YOU …  
… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2023. Special thanks to clubs of our residency – LizdasKablys + Club and Elastica club for hosting our managed event series Jaudesys and GARS. Radio Vilnius for trusting us to run our monthly Partyzanai Broadcast show. Nøhel, Phase Line, Klastote. Dannie Fade, Cport Cistema, Shkema, 5ZYL, Karkasas, Y2kati and Ement for the releases and remixes. Tadas Karpavicius and Mantas Lukoševičius for the graphic designs and art direction. Archecho No for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture.


Finally hit our forthcoming events:


9.2.2024 >> Mantas T. at PAKILIMAS: Black in ex Vilnius Taxi Garage  in Vilnius >>


10.2.2024 >> Nøhel, 5zyl, Phase Line, Y2kati aka Jaroska, Ement and Mantas T. at PZ & GARS RECORDS SHOWCASE in OKN? Venue in Kaunas >>




Next on our podcast series is Mantas T. mix for “Betamaxi” mix series curated by  SMPL SMPL of Play4n4 community. The name Betamax stands for quality electronic music and analog warmth in micro/minimal/lo-fi/tech house/breakbeat and electro genres. The show itself is a mix series to represent groovy, funky, and rough sounds to show a more creative and experimental approach to dance music and  Play4n4. The mix is available on SMPL SMPL Soundcloud or at Partyzanai Podcast in Apple Podacts App >>


The tracklist:


1. Borusiade / Granted / Tripalium Records
2. A Straage Wedding / Through The Black Hole / Worst Records
3. Daniel Avery / Lone Swordsman / Phantasy Sound
4. Gesloten Cirkel / Prison Riot / Bad Manners
5. Gamma Intel / Thread / Everyone On Acid
6. Exzakt & Bfx / Nasty Beat / Monotone
7. Unknown Artist / Fuck The Police / Casa Voyager
8. Luz1e / Seismic Shift / International Chrome
9. Imogen & Ben Pest / Volts / Earwiggle
10. VTSS / C E.t. Unlimited / Veyl
11. Héctor Oaks / Holding On To Our Dignity / Oaks
12. Gabber Eleganza / Lrnz Snn x Zmby (Lido Di Ostia Edit) / Rye Wax Records
13. Estella Boersma / Multipass / Dance Trax
14. MCR-T / Ive Been Waiting / Live From Earth Club







Next on our podcast series is Mantas T. almost vinyl only mix for the Dancing Objects podcast series curated by UK/LT label Objects Records. The mix is available on Objects Records Soundcloud or over Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in iTunes >>



The tracklist:


1. Fauness / Window / Aqnb
2. Bleach Cult / Tumbledrying / Partyzanai Pop
3. Die Gestalten / Programmiert isoliert / Gestalten
4. Billy Ray de la Haye/ Timewise / Eudemonia
5. Credit 00 / Super Scratch / FM Label
6. NeuGrau / Beneath The Skin (Dancefloor Dub / She Lost Control
7. Imperial Black Unit / Your Kind Is Extinct / Soil Records
8. Maenad Veyl / Setback / Veyl
9. Walton / Fx_625 / Illian Tape
10. Know V.A. / Somato / Know V.A.
11. Astytekk / Lick My Bass / FTP
12. DJ Wachita China  ‎/ Spread The Virus / Jupiter4
13. Nikki Nair / Exp2 / Tram Planet Records
14. DJ これからの緊急災害 / Have A Think / OverworX
15. Hector Oaks / Is Imminent (Somewhen Remix) / Bassiani
16. Raven / Saints / Rekids
17. Know V.A. / Mirrorscreen / LFEK, Never Sleep
18. Marc Acardipane / Don’t Touch That Stereo’ (Gabber Eleganza ft. Delirio Impossible To remix) / Planet Phuture
19. Gabber Eleganza and Hdmirror / Frozen Dopamina / Live From Earth Klub