BEST OF 2021 / THANK YOU …  
… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2021. Special thanks to clubs of our residency – LizdasKablys + Club and Haxan club for hosting our managed event series Jaudesys, GARS and Signal. Akli, Bleach Cult, Veiveris, Shkema, Zoe Zoe, Marts, Black Feeling, Five Rituals, Alex Krell, 5ZYL, Teatre, Auren, Kolegos, Palmes Ziedas and Ement for the releases and remixes. Tadas Karpavicius and Mantas Lukosevicius for the graphic designs and art direction. Lukas Miceika and Archecho No for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture.


Finally hit our forthcoming events:


28.1.2022 >> Signal: Salome, Karkasas, Ement at club Haxan in Kaunas >>


4.2.2022 >> GARS: Hyperaktivist, Karkasas, Mantas T. at Kablys + Club in Vilnius >>


5.2.2022 >> Lizdui 7: SPFDJ, Alex Krell, Uzimtumo Taryba, Pakas, Mantas T. at club Lizdas in Kaunas >>




Akli is a Lithuanian post-punk/industrial music project that was created while the world was locked down by the pandemic. Isolation and solitude shaped the themes of musical ideas that were composed and recorded by the artist Kristijonas Valančius. The band’s music is aggressive and brimming with philosophic contemplations of self-worth, lust and disorder. Sonic collages of screaming guitar leads, aggressive vocals, driving bass, distorted drums and dark synthesizer passages create a unique immersive experience. The music strays from blatant cynicism and anger to illuminating moments of honesty. Akli released two critically acclaimed albums – „Taika” (peace) and “Refleksija” (reflection). With the purpose to build a bridge between stage and club scenes, the selected tracks from the album “Taika” got a bunch of versatile remixes made by the artists from various Partyzanai sub-labels: Teatre, 5ZYL, Auren, Shaknis, Kolegos, Shkema and Palmes Ziedas.  The remixes EP appears on digital on Partyzanai Pop Records and launches on the 23rd of December, 2021 at Radio Vilnius. Big thanks to Mantas Lukosevicius for the cover design and Pranza ( for making it sound good. You can preview the EP on Soundcloud and purchase it over Partyzanai Pop Records Bandcamp. From the 4th of February 2022 the EP will be available on all other digital platforms.


The release launch actions:


23.12.2021, 8PM: PZ Broadcast radio show in Radio Vilnius >>


25.12.2021: Partyzanai Showcase 2021 at Kablys + Club in Vilnius >>




Next on our podcast series is Veiveris dj mix for our REBELCASE project. The mix is available on our Soundcloud or over Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in Apple Podcasts >>


The tracklist:


1. Yurij / Columbia [ANFS Edit] / Agia Varvara Originals 
2. Cuvona / Bentalies (Remix) / HOMVA
3. Teatre / Dainava / Lux Rec 
4. MIJkE / Taimuran (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix) / CODEC 992 
5. Trawmade / Pormetha (Dub) / HOMVA 
6. Years of Denial / Pleasure / Gegen Records 
7. Tommy Four Seven / Protocol 9 (Sawf remix) / 47 
8. SSTROM / Drenched 10 / Rösten 
9. Morah / Tight – Fitting Leather / dib project 
10. Undveld / Lonesome Dark / static motion 
11. Svreca / Hagagatan (Alexey Volkov Remix) / Semantica Records 
12. Yogg & Pharaoh / Abadei (SHXCXCHCXSH Remix I) / Parallax Records 
13. Ement / Missing Person (Shaknis Remix) / PZ Records 
14. Clouds / Chained To A Dead Camel (Tuned Again) / Overlee Assembly 
15. Giant Swan / Silkworm / KECK 
16. Swarm Intelligence / Dusk Falls / Voitax 
17. Variant / Artificial Death / West End Communications






Special Partyzanai Broadcast episode dedicated to Ement „Metatone“ LP launch on the brand new sub-label PZ Records. The serving of the album at Radio Vilnius gets premiered and executed by labels founders – Mantas T. and Ement.


The tracklist:


1. Ability II – Pressure Dub / Bassic Records 
2. Scape One – Five Hundred Eyes / Central Processing Unit
3. Babylon X – Hyper Love / Tofistock
4. 5ZYL & Shit Control – Krug (False Persona Remix) / Unreleased
5. Ement – Don’t Call Me If You Need Me / PZ Records
6. Boom Generation – Zonix / Proxy Records
7. Delta Funktionen – Vertikal World /  Deeptrax Records
8. Akli – Baime (Teatre Remix) / Partyzanai Pop Upcoming Release
9. Crystal Geometry – Guillotine / Sonic Groove
10. 5ZYL & Bask – Unrevealed Species / PZ Records Upcoming Release
11. Ma Sha – Mechanical Rustle / Kindergarten Records
12. Ement – Hunt / PZ Records
13. Ement – I Can’t Hold This / PZ Records
14. Nene H – Hush Now / Possession


Preview Ement “Metatone” album on Soundcloud and order it on the following channels:


Bandcamp >>


Discotag >> >>


Juno >>


HHV >>


Bordello A Parigi >>


Red Eye Records >>


Finally, join the release launch events:


23.09.2021 >> Bar Godo in Kaunas >>


25.09.2021 >> Discotag record store in Vilnius  >>


25.09.2021 >> GARS: Nene H at Kablys + Club in Vilnius >>









Next on our podcast series is a recast of 5ZYL (PPP) mix for the Rebelcase mix series. The mix is available on Partyzanai Soundcloud or over Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in iTunes >>


The tracklist:


1. Danny Daze feat. DeFeKt / Positive Ventilation / OMNIDISC
2. Alonzo / Patch Dance / Zement
3. Exzakt / Clarity (Hydraulix Remix) / Monotone
4. Type-303 / Kolkki Crush / Super Rhythm Trax
5. Galaxy87 / Square Wave / Between Places
6. Dj Problems feat. Dednewb / Calculate 2 / Hypress
7. Assembler Code / BIOS / Cultivated Electronics
8. Teatre / Provocateur / Ghia
9. Mall Grab / Take Down Enemies / Looking For Trouble
10. Müzmin / Harss / SUB TL
11. Unbalance / Warehouse Tool 1 / Overbalance
12. Mutado Pintado Presents Sworn Virgins ‎/ Lazy Boy (Fabrizio Mammarella Crash Course Mix) / Les Disques De La Mort
13. Knarz (Thomas P. Heckmann) / Uns Verbrennt Die Nacht / Wavescape
14. OverworX / Have A Think / OverworX
15. BlackCoal feat. Buenaventura / Hijos de puta / Self Released
16. Assembler Code / Lateral Transfer / Censor
17. Bjarki / I Don’t Think So / трип
18. Asquith / Rave Til Dawn / Asquith





5zyl - rebelcase2

… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2019. Special thanks to: community for the supynes festival and PPP label collaboration, the clubs of our residency –  Lizdas and Kablys + Club for hosting our annual label event. Without Letters, Auren, Jaroška, Five Rituals, Teatre, Shkema, Skelesys with Local Suicide, Dannie Fade, Ement, OBCDN and Alex Krell for the releases and remixes. Tadas Karpavicius, Domantė Nalivaikaitė and Urtė Ramšaitė for the graphic designs and art direction. Archecho No and Nauris DA for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture >>  without-letters-supynes-festival-2019-news

Without Letters debut album “Abundance Supreme” comes from Lithuanian club culture, its changes, desired or actually happening and from the parties the band been to in the past couple of years. Trance inducing rhythmical structures and the sharp guitar outbursts invoke krautrock inspired blissful harmonies without offering an escape. Dark, frantic pace underlies Without Letters set, with clear intent to cut through the hierarchy of performer and the listener, to melt all that into a playful, potentially ecstatic co-participation. Finally, the selected tracks from the album got bunch of versatile remixes: wave-ish interpretation by Ement, slow groove versions by Five Rituals and Shkema, ebm version of Teatre and post-rave trance excursions by Dannie Fade and Alex Krell. The EP appears on digital format on Partyzanai Pop Records and launches on the 28th of Dezember at event Partyzanai Showcase 2019 at Kablys+Club in Vilnius. Big thanks to Tadas Karpavicius for the graphic design and Pranza ( for making it sound good.


Check premiered Ement remix of “Veering Mass” on Whypeopledance Soundcloud >>


Listen and purchase remixes at Partyzanai Pop Records Bandcamp >>


Finally hit the launch event at Kablys+Club in Vilnius – Partyzanai Showcase 2019 >>





The sound of Teatre is meant to convey personal or societal dramaturgy regardless of style or genre boundaries. Within the plot of DEKADANSAS, the decadence of the individual is portrayed through emotional synthesizer lines, electro, coldwave and EBM-influenced rhythms of hope, hopelessness and aggression, the dust of tape recordings and the intensity of the Lithuanian underground. The EP is accomplisched with Jaroška and Sigīta Seyr remixes, appears on digital and MC format on PPP Records and will be presented on the 10th of December at event Minimal Mondays: PPP Release Launch at Kablys + Club in Vilnius. Big thanks to Tadas Karpavicius for the graphic design, Archecho No for the visualisations and Pranza ( for making it sound good.





Pre-listen the whole EP on PPP Soundcloud >>


Pre-view the whole EP on PPP YouTube >>


Pre-order EP on limited to 25 copies MC or digital format at PPP Records Bandcamp >>


Finally hit the EP launch event at Kablys + Club in Vilnius – Minimal Mondays: PPP Release Launch >>