The 32nd episode is dedicated to Kipronno “Voyager” EP, which was released on our sub-label Gars Records on the 9th of March 2024. In the first hour of the radio show you can hear a short interview with the EPs author and a dj set of the sub-labels curators Mantas T. and Jaroška. The second hour was taken over by Kipronno and Phase Line, and the third one by CMRK and IP:VIII back to backs.  

The recording of the broadcast is available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklist:


1st hour – Mantas T. b2b Y2kati


  1. Kipronno / Voyager / Gars Records
  2. Kipronno / Thermal / Gars Records
  3. Four Tet / Daydream Repeat
  4. Breach / Jack (Jonathan Kaspar Extended Remix)
  5. WK7 / Rhythm 2 (Tripple H Mix)
  6. A.G. Cook / Britpop
  7. Fibre Optixx / What Is Love
  8. Phase Fatale / Love Is Destructive
  9. Benza / Enchanted Breaks
  10. Breaka / Time To Be Real
  11. Mislaw / What Happens At Night
  12. Azari / Aqatetra (Gesloten Cirkel Remix)
  13. Justin Jay / Swarm
  14. Uncertain / Revenge
  15. David Castellani / Requiem (Etapp Kyle Remix)
  16. Van der Wiese / Fatum
  17. Y2kati / Unrelease

2nd hour –Kipronno & Phase Line

  1. Axeex / Enlightenment
  2. Symbolism / Bloom
  3. Glaskin / Cutta
  4. Patrick Siech & Sandra Mosh / Psychopath
  5. Alex Ranzino / Rambler
  6. Flug / Psychopath
  7. Aluphobia / Friend or Hoe
  8. D.a.v.e. the Drummer / Hydraulix
  9. The Brvtalist / Lucid (Mython Remix)
  10. Regent / Dreama
  11. Funk Assault / Screenshot Of Compliment
  12. Thanos Hana / Assumption
  13. Dax J / The Train
  14. LSDXOXO / Mutant Exotic (D. Dan Remix)
  15. Chlar / Competitive Thinking


3rd hour – CMRK & IP:VII


  1. Tauceti / Queqiao
  2. Nastia Reigel / Horses
  3. Altinbas & Cirkle / Cynical Moves
  4. Toobris / Pauline
  5. Specific Objects / Nightnoise (Introversion’s Trippy Edit)
  6. Echion / Night Train (Juri Heidemann Remix)
  7. Measure Divide / Pressure
  8. Franco Rossi / Lacrimae
  9. Norbak / Norma
  10. Anne / Off Grid
  11. Sera J / Delusion
  12. Insolate / Crude
  13. Tehotu / Split One
  14. Raffaele Attanasio / South Signatures
  15. Ignez & Rodhad / Vermillion 01
  16. MarAxe / Forward
  17. SHDW & Obscure Shape / Disturbing Behavior
  18. Sky Boy Quantum


Finally join our forthcoming events:

4.5.2024, 10PM >> OKN: Mantas T. x Simonaitis @ O Kodel Ne? venue in Kaunas, LT >>


5.5.2024 >> PLAST with Vase, Kilo, CMRK & Mantas T. @ Kambarys venue in Marijampolė, LT >>


17.5.2024 >> GARS x BUSTE SHOWCASE with Sisorkan, Knok1, Aloe Natasha, Nøhel, Y2kati, Phase Line and Mantas T. @ Buste Bars, Panevėžys, LT >>


18.5.2024 >> UNDER FESTIVAL with Umwelt, Mareena, Teecra, Ksenia Kamikaza, Bbn,  Mantas T. and more @ Liepaja, LV >>





Kipronno is a new musical project that focuses on movement oriented but also storytelling techno music. With a fair amount of experience in the music field, he aims to combine his understanding with new technology that comes along the way. Kipronno aka Kipras developed a fascination with music at a young age, becoming a resident DJ at his local club when he was just a teenager. Continuing his music journey, he moved to London where he finished a Music Production and Technology course and performed in multiple clubs and bars such as Shelter, Egg, Traffic and Ministry of Sound under a project called Empathy Slow. Later Kipras moved up north to study at Edge Hill University where he completed a Media, Music and Sound degree. This provided him with a broader musical exploration and taught him more about synthesis and live performance. While living in the north of England, Kipras occasionally DJ’ed in local clubs and on radio shows. Since returning to Lithuania, he has played in Yaga Gathering festival, private events and in Haxan Club where he performed as Kipronno officially for the first time.

He is very excited to shift his focus to the genre that speaks to him the most and present his Debut EP “Voyager” including six original tracks that tell us a story of a journey with a bumpy ride and the will to reach your destination.


The EP is released on the co-curated label Gars Records, which focuses on classically modern techno. Big thanks to Mantas Lukosevicius to make it look good and Pranza from to sound it good.


You can preview the EP on Gars Records Soundcloud and pre-order it over our Bandcamp >>


The release pre-launches on 9.3.2024, 7PM at PZ Broadcast with Kiprpnno. Phase Line, CMRK, IP:VIII, Y2kati and Mantas T. at radio show in Radio Vilnius >>


Finally, join the release launch event Gars Showcase in club Elastica in Vilnius >>




BEST OF 2022 / THANK YOU …  
… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2022. Special thanks to clubs of our residency – LizdasKablys + Club and Haxan club for hosting our managed event series Jaudesys and GARS. Radio Vilnius for trusting us to run our monthly Partyzanai Broadcast show.  5ZYL, Florindo, OBCDN, CMRK, Karkasas, Y2kati, Gaja and Acidless for the releases and remixes. Tadas Karpavicius and Mantas Lukoševičius for the graphic designs and art direction. Archecho No for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture.


Finally hit our forthcoming events:


3.2.2022 >> Elastica Poweroom: Chippy Nonstop, Jaroska, Maria Paskevic, Meri Hov, Mantas T. at club Elastica in Vilnius >>


4.2.2022 >> Lizdui 8: Rhyw, Gamma Intel, Interiors, Ement, Ugne Sync, Pakas, Mantas T. at club Lizdas in Kaunas >>




Special Partyzanai Broadcast Christmas episode dedicated to 5ZYL’s “Things That Makes Me” single pre-launch, which is out now on PZ Records including Florindo remix. In the first hour of the radio show you can hear 5ZYL and Florindo b2b set. The second hour is taken over by Mantas T. and Ement. The recording of the broadcast is available available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklists:


5ZYL b2b Florindo


  1. 5ZYL / Unreleased
  2. Sha Ru / Void
  3. Florindo x 5ZYL / Elektronik Malfunktion
  4. Client 03 / Sense Combiner
  5. Fragedis / Intersection #3
  6. Daniel Avery / Hyper Euphoria
  7. Jordan / No Love Lust (Tuff City Kids Remix)
  8. Florindo / I Know You Love Me Too (Trance EDIT)
  9. YS / Inside
  10. Emkay / Drop Down
  11. Agent Caine / Marakesh Express
  12. Gravity Waves / Memory 3
  13. Ben Pest / Skeddadleski
  14. Buzz Kill, Necropants /
  15. Accelerate/Terminate
  16. TV.Out / Trollin` In My 64
  17. 5ZYL / Thing That Makes Me (Florindo Atmospheric Remix) / PZ Records

Mantas T. b2b Ement

  1. Bochum Welt / Feelings On A Screen
  2. Identified Patient / You Are the Loop
  3. TAFKAMP presents Irv Da Perv / Twerk Dat Shit
  4. Anna Kost / Blind Spot
  5. La Goony Chonga / Phonkay (prod. by Danny Daze & Nick León)
  6. Boogie / Footclan
  7. JLZ / Sigilo
  8. Time Traveler / Is Mirrionis
  9. DJ Gigola / Gratitude Practice
  10. Si Begg / When We Were Young 
  11. Albert Zhirnov / Old Malt
  12. Stigmata / Paraspectral
  13. Audio State / This Is The Way
  14. Massive Attack ft. Mos Def / I Against I (Pagan Edit) 
  15. Frederic / Fainted (MCR-T Remix)
  16. Gary Beck / Submarine 
  17. Liudmila / Cold Shower Rave
  18. Dagga / Low Like That
  19. CMRK / Spit On Trends (Y2kati Remix) / Gars Records
  20. ARP 220 / R U Velvet?


Finally, join our forthcoming events:


13.01.2023 >> Ement @ Haxan: Bloody Mary, Ement, Florindo, Double the Kugel at club Haxan in Kaunas.


20.01.2023 >> Mantas T. @ Jaudesys: OKO DJ at club Lizdas in Kaunas.


21.01.2023 >> Mantas T. and Karkasas  @ Gars: Luna Vasserotti at Kablys + Club in Vilnius.








Special Partyzanai Broadcast episode dedicated to CMRK “Poisoning EP” pre-launch, which will be released on the 18th of December on Gars Records. The EP will be available in digital format and on handmade vinyl, limited to 20 copies worldwide. In the first hour of the radio show Mantas T. interviews shortly the EP author CMRK and special guests Quelza (Mord, 47, FR) and Y2kati aka Karkasas. Later Gars Records founders Mantas T. and Karkasas teamed up for the b2b dj set. On the second hour Quelza took over by presenting his unique cinematic sound. On the third hour CMRK „Poisoning“ EP got premiered and executed by EP author himself.

The recording of the broadcast is available available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklists:


Mantas T. b2b Karkasas


1. Money Lang / 300ZX Atmospherique
2. Know V.A. / Currents 
3. Exzakt / Me & My 808 (Jensen Interceptor Remix)
4. Init / Holes in my CV
5. David Scopes / Day One (Hodge Remix)
6. Bone Head / Virtua
7. Quelza / Levis
8. Christian Gerlach / Tsih
9. Taube / Higher Purpose
10. Tomás Urquieta / Compender La Derrota
11. Giant Swan / RRR+1
12. Silkback & Hyph11e / USINGZI
13. Hudson Mohawke / Bicstan
14. Savile / You Will Be A Maker Of A Better World
15. DMNK / Heute Nicht
16. Surgeon / A Prayer For Something Better
17. OBCDN / Perpetual / Gars Records
18. Toxe / Honey Island




1. Boris Divider / Hi-L Process (Ryoji Ikeda Break Dub Techno Cinematic)
2. Boris Divider / Dynax (Ryoji Ikeda Break/IDM Techno Cinematic)
3. Architectural / The Barber Shop #1
4. CUB / Seeing From Above
5. Rødhåd / Pigeons Dancing On The Roof
6. Quelza / Sans Couleur
7. Bruce / Æon
9. Quelza / Oblivion
10. Overmono / Lockner Union
11. Squarelusher / Tundra 4
12. Quelza / Pensa Poetico
13. Atom TM / Almost a Unit
14. +plattfrom / Mentjor
15. Atom TM / Tech Talk
16. Regina Leather / Industeial Collapse






Finally, join our forthcoming events:


9.12.2022 >> Ement @ Haxan: 12.09: Ancient Methods, Ement, Gnaw, Osic at club Haxan in Kaunas.


23.12.2022 >> Mantas T.  @


25.12.2022 >> Mantas T., CMRK, Ement, Karkasas  @ PARTYZANAI SHOWCASE at Kablys + Club in Vilnius.


31.12.2022 >> Mantas T. @ Prisukamas Abrikoas: Magiški Naujieji in Kaunas.








CMRK is a young forthcoming techno music producer and dj from Lithuania, who started experimenting with electronic music genres in his late teenage years. Finding inspiration in the industrial feel of the club’s atmosphere, CMRK keeps constantly searching and developing his own sound approach. On his journey CMRK was already supported by DJ Ogi, Arweenn, Aahan, D.Dan and was performing at events involving stars such as Klangkuenstler, Vendex, Lee Ann Roberts to name a few.

The “Poisoning” EP is a mature CMRK’s creative deliverable including three original tracks, Y2kati Remix and two digital bonus remixes from Gaja and Acidless.


The EP is released on the brand new co-curated label Gars Records. Big thanks to Mantas Lukosevicius to make it look good and Pranza from to sound it good.


You can preview the EP on Gars Records Soundcloud and pre-order it over our Bandcamp >>


The release pre-launches on 12.11.2022, 7PM at PZ Broadcast with Quelza, CMRK, Karkasas and Mantas T. at radio show in Radio Vilnius >>


Finally, join the release pre-launch event GARS with Quelza at Kablys + Club in Vilnius >>