Nøhel aka Kasparas is a hidden producer from Kaunas (Lithuania). His first touch with electronic music was in late 00s. After a decade anonymously practicing mastercraft of electronic music he finally fabricated his own definition of dance in forthcoming „Embody In Time“ EP, which will be released on PZ Records.


Big thanks to Tadas Karpavicius for for the graphic design and and Pranza ( for making it sound good.


You can preview the EP on PZ Records Soundcloud and order it over Bandcamp >>


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29.4.2023, 7PM: PZ BROADCAST at Radio Vilnius


29.4.2023, 11PM: PZ SHOWCASE at Kablys + Club with Sirdsapes, Nøhel, Ement, 5ZYL, Florindo and Mantas T.






BEST OF 2022 / THANK YOU …  
… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2022. Special thanks to clubs of our residency – LizdasKablys + Club and Haxan club for hosting our managed event series Jaudesys and GARS. Radio Vilnius for trusting us to run our monthly Partyzanai Broadcast show.  5ZYL, Florindo, OBCDN, CMRK, Karkasas, Y2kati, Gaja and Acidless for the releases and remixes. Tadas Karpavicius and Mantas Lukoševičius for the graphic designs and art direction. Archecho No for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture.


Finally hit our forthcoming events:


3.2.2022 >> Elastica Poweroom: Chippy Nonstop, Jaroska, Maria Paskevic, Meri Hov, Mantas T. at club Elastica in Vilnius >>


4.2.2022 >> Lizdui 8: Rhyw, Gamma Intel, Interiors, Ement, Ugne Sync, Pakas, Mantas T. at club Lizdas in Kaunas >>




Special Partyzanai Broadcast Christmas episode dedicated to 5ZYL’s “Things That Makes Me” single pre-launch, which is out now on PZ Records including Florindo remix. In the first hour of the radio show you can hear 5ZYL and Florindo b2b set. The second hour is taken over by Mantas T. and Ement. The recording of the broadcast is available available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklists:


5ZYL b2b Florindo


  1. 5ZYL / Unreleased
  2. Sha Ru / Void
  3. Florindo x 5ZYL / Elektronik Malfunktion
  4. Client 03 / Sense Combiner
  5. Fragedis / Intersection #3
  6. Daniel Avery / Hyper Euphoria
  7. Jordan / No Love Lust (Tuff City Kids Remix)
  8. Florindo / I Know You Love Me Too (Trance EDIT)
  9. YS / Inside
  10. Emkay / Drop Down
  11. Agent Caine / Marakesh Express
  12. Gravity Waves / Memory 3
  13. Ben Pest / Skeddadleski
  14. Buzz Kill, Necropants /
  15. Accelerate/Terminate
  16. TV.Out / Trollin` In My 64
  17. 5ZYL / Thing That Makes Me (Florindo Atmospheric Remix) / PZ Records

Mantas T. b2b Ement

  1. Bochum Welt / Feelings On A Screen
  2. Identified Patient / You Are the Loop
  3. TAFKAMP presents Irv Da Perv / Twerk Dat Shit
  4. Anna Kost / Blind Spot
  5. La Goony Chonga / Phonkay (prod. by Danny Daze & Nick León)
  6. Boogie / Footclan
  7. JLZ / Sigilo
  8. Time Traveler / Is Mirrionis
  9. DJ Gigola / Gratitude Practice
  10. Si Begg / When We Were Young 
  11. Albert Zhirnov / Old Malt
  12. Stigmata / Paraspectral
  13. Audio State / This Is The Way
  14. Massive Attack ft. Mos Def / I Against I (Pagan Edit) 
  15. Frederic / Fainted (MCR-T Remix)
  16. Gary Beck / Submarine 
  17. Liudmila / Cold Shower Rave
  18. Dagga / Low Like That
  19. CMRK / Spit On Trends (Y2kati Remix) / Gars Records
  20. ARP 220 / R U Velvet?


Finally, join our forthcoming events:


13.01.2023 >> Ement @ Haxan: Bloody Mary, Ement, Florindo, Double the Kugel at club Haxan in Kaunas.


20.01.2023 >> Mantas T. @ Jaudesys: OKO DJ at club Lizdas in Kaunas.


21.01.2023 >> Mantas T. and Karkasas  @ Gars: Luna Vasserotti at Kablys + Club in Vilnius.








An unexpected single from 5ZYL, which is reflecting his very early production at his teenager years, when he debuted in rhythm battles at legendary “Satta Festival”. The single is enriched by atmospheric interpretation by Florindo and will be packed as a free gift for all guests of annual “Partyzanai Showcase” event at “Kablys + Club” in Vilnius. Just join this event and feel free to request a free download code.


Big thanks to Tadas Karpavicius for for the graphic design and Laurence Viegas from Cirrus Audio for making it sound good.


You can preview the remixes EP on PZ Records Soundcloud and purchase it or redeem your free download code at Bandcamp >>


Finally, join our forthcoming events:

25.12.2022 >> Partyzanai Showcase  at Kablys + Club in Vilnius >>


29.12.2022 >> Mantas T. at B Puses in bar “Kultūra” in Kaunas >>


31.12.2022 >> Ement at 1-2023-HAXAN in club Haxan in Kaunas >> 

31.12.2022 >> Mantas T. at Prisukamas Abrikosas: Magiški Naujieji in Kaunas >>




Next on our podcast series is a recast of Mantas T. mix for the “Sound of Markuva” radio show on Vilnius University radio Start FM. The mix is available on Markuva Soundcloud or at all podcast services including Samsung Podcasts or Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in Apple Podcasts >>


The tracklist:


1. Vector Trancer / Cilgens Spirit Guide / Mirror Zone
2. Sunju Hargun / Chale / JIN
3. Nice Girl / Pachamama / Public Possession
4. Park Hye Jin / Hey, Hey, Hey / Ninja Tune
5.  Locked Club & Rlgn / Captain Industrial / Acid Avengers Records
6.  Wolfgang Tillmans / Can’t Escape into Space (Honey Dijon’s Euphoria Mix) / Fragile
7. DD 2 / Infinite / The Final Experiment
8. Modeselektor / Keller (Extlp Version) / Monkeytown Records 
9. Anthony Rother / Male Function / Bad Manners
10. 5ZYL & Shit Control  / Napravlenie S  / PZ Records
11. Dj Plant Texture a.k.a. A662 / What Is This Bwoy? / KAOS
12. Re:drum / Kill You / Self Released
13. Florindo / Try To Understand / PZ Records
14. Marc Acardipane / Pitch-Hiker (Sissel & Peders Double Drop Mix) / Perc Trax
15. Distance Dancer / Brain Dance / The Final Experiment



Finally, hit our forthcoming events:


1.7.2022 >> Mantas T. b2b 5ZYL @ Audra Festival in Kaunas.


2.7.2022 >> Šeštadienis Parke @ Parkas, Vilnius


15.7.2022 >> In Gloom @ Kablys + Club, Vilnius


16.7.2022 >> Miražai: Devilstone Festival, Anykščiai.





Special PZ Broadcast episode dedicated to Florindo „Hikikomori“ EP launch on PZ Records. In the first hour of the radio show PZ Records founder Mantas T. interviews shortly the EP author Florindo and deliveres an warm-up dj set. On the second hour  – Floriondo „Hikikomori“ EP gets premiered and executed by EP author himself. The recording of the broadcast is available available at Radio Vilnius archive or at our Soundcloud.


The tracklist:


Mantas T.


1. IVVVO / World
2. Bawrut feat. Chico Blanco / Sol en la Cara 
3. Kev Koko, DJ Gigola, Perra Inmunda / No Es Amor
4. Villager / Nobody
5. Gramrcy / Gliding Again
6. Anthony Rother / Trooper
7. Dagga x Manao / Escape From Horno City
8. DJ Sacred / 1312 (Re:drum Remix)
9. Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell / Stake
10. Mindcut Music / Zarf
11. Keith Carnal / Ape Shit Crazy
12. Asquith / Higher Power
13. V111 / Sex Domination
14. Narciss / Lovechild (Outrun Mix)
15. DJ Gigola / State of Mind
16. Jensen Interceptor and DJ Fuck Off / Ride (Dagga Remix)




1. Florindo / Kid From Jonavos Street
2. Florindo / Puppet Master
3. Florindo / BX5
4. Florindo / Acid Energy
5. LV AMAJ / Banda De Parawa (Ppalace edit)
6. Boris Barksdale / Hand Off
7. Umwelt / Tricky Traxx
8. Memory Clap Acid / Acid Titties (Ole Odd’s Acid Booty Remix)
9. 3DIZ / Work That Remies
10. Angelo Inferno / Diggin’ Deep Inside My Bag
11. mod-r / Lord (Rave Mix)
12. Florindo / Hikikomori
13. Lake Haze / That Rave Saved My Life
14. Anknown Urtist / Mir (Florindo Remix)


Preview Florindo „Hikikomori“ EP on Soundcloud and order it on our Bandcamp >>


Finally, join our forthcoming events:


20.5.2022 >> Elastica Season Finale: MRD, Julian Mueller  at Club Elastica in Vilnius >>


21.5.2022 >> GARS: Naty Seres and OBCDN at Kablys+Club >>









Hikikomori is known as a phenomenon when people mostly in Japan decide for a total withdrawal from society and start seeking extreme degrees of social isolation and confinement. The word that perfectly fits the debut EP of young and emerging Lithuanian dj/producer Florindo, who finds the social isolation a perfect recipe to unleash creativity.

Big thanks to Tadas Karpavicius for for the graphic design and and Pranza ( for making it sound good.


You can preview the remixes EP on PZ Records Soundcloud and pre-order it over Bandcamp >>


Finally, join our forthcoming events:


15.04.2022 >> EASTER 99 w/ Florindo at Bar 99 in Vilnius >>


15.04.2022 >> Elastica Poweroom: Chlär at Club Elastica in Vilnius >>


16.04.2022 >> Varpai: Space 8 at Space Bar in Siauliai >>


17.04.2022 >> In Future We Lust: Jensen Interceptor at Lizdas Club in Kaunas >>


17.04.2022 >> Haxanacht at Club Haxan in Kaunas >>