Next on our podcast series is a recast of Mantas T. and Gvidas vinyl only mix for the Electric Shapes podcast series. The mix is available on Electric Shapes Soundcloud or over Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in iTunes >>


The tracklist:


1. Lucky People Center / Interspecies Communication / Beverage Records
2. Hanna Jones / Super Pit / Weaponise Your Sound
3. Mythologen / Arrival / Hoga Nord Rekords
4. Mr TC / Salz / Against Fascism Trax
5. Tapan / Ghana / Malka Tuti
6. Gamma Intel / The View From Here / Pinkman
7.  Cooper Saver / Star System / Internasjonal
8. Somerville & Wilson / Yantar (Fango Remix) / Hell Yeah
9. TV.OUT / Blackout / L.I.E.S.
10. Alessandro Adriani / Strom Trees / Stroboscopic Artefacts
11. Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais / Crush On You / Pinkman
12. Maenad Veyl / Out Of Sight / Veyl
13. Without Letters / Veering Masss / Partyzanai Pop



Finally hit our forthcoming events:


19.07 >> Roads / Gvidas at RAZE in Palanga >>


19.07 >> Ement @ Cape Kablys Prologue in Kablys + Club, Vilnius >>


26.07 >> Mantas T. @ Supynes Festival 2019 >>


02.08 >> Mantas T. @ Klaipeda Sound Festival in Klaipeda >>


03.08 >> Mantas T. @ Lizdas Stage at Granatos Festival in Rumsiskes >> 


09.08 >> Ement @ Cape Kablys 2019 >>





Over the years of brave experimentation WITHOUT LETTERS have delved into a variety musical genres from noise-rock, krautrock to footwork, trance and hard techno. By filtering out what is the most sincere and engaging in their creative process, they have since rediscovered archives of early clubbing music, its social values and sound aesthetics. That provided fissures for getting around the notion of guitar as once rebellious, now obsolete instrument, its raw immediacy more potent now than ever.Without Letters debut album ABUNDANCE SUPREME comes from Lithuanian club culture, its changes, desired or actually happening and from the parties we’ve been to in the past couple of years. It’s a manifestation of what happens despite the anxieties stemming from the ubiquitous state of abundance. Maybe ABUNDANCE SUPREME is residue from the sexual revolution that never happened in Lithuania, us being its specimen in need for transition. The album is some palpable energy, a proposition yet to be voiced, not in theory, but through our bodies. Pulsing rhythms and piercing hoovers and stabs as suggestive ways of opening up, of being together in a shared space. Suspended between all this being a pretentious farce or potentially a quite pleasant, even pleasurable.Trance inducing rhythmical structures and the sharp guitar outbursts invoke krautrock inspired blissful harmonies without offering an escape. Dark, frantic pace underlies WITHOUT LETTERS set, with clear intent to cut through the hierarchy of performer and the listener, to melt all that into a playful, potentially ecstatic co-participation.


The debut WITHOUT LETTERS album will appear  on the 24th of May on our sub-label Partyzanai Pop Records. Premiers and more info about release launch event comming soon …



Pre-orders of the limited 150 LPs available already over Partyzanai Pop Bandcamp >>


Finally join the Abundance Supreme LP release launch event on the 25th of May @ Bar Amadeus in Vilnius >>





… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2018. Special thanks to: community for the supynes festival and PPP label collaboration, the clubs of our residency -  Lizdas and Kablys + Club for hosting our annual label event. Garbanotas, Channel37, Teatre, Patris Konsistent, Shkema, Ement, Jaroska, Sigīta Seyr, Black Feeling and Bleach Cult for the releases and remixes. Tadas Karpavicius and Domantė Nalivaikaitė for the graphic designs and art direction. Archecho No for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture >>  mantas-t-partyzanai-at-intro-festival-mongolia-2018-news

… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2017. Special thanks to: community for the PPP event and label collaboration, the clubs of our residency - Opium clubLizdas - also Kablys + Club for hosting the annual label event. Without Letters, Local Blood, ShaknisOcean Promise aka ZZ Popkorn, Konsistent, Shkema, Vaiper Despotin, KGBK, Ement, OBCDN and Patris for the releases and remixes. Tadas Karpavicius for the graphic designs and art direction. Mindaugas Arlinskas and Glow Factory for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture >> mantas-t-at-prisukamas-abrikosas-visi-sventieji-2017-news

After a long but short break a bunch of unexpected interpretations of Without Letters “Unfollow EP” finally got it’s shape. The remixes were made by Lithuanian artists, who are shattered all over the Europe. Straight from London comes an expected ZZ Popcorn „Heritage“ remix, which acoustically can be mistaken as an interpretation of Eurhythmics unknown song. The second interpretation of “Heritage” is made by Shkema, who is constantly involved in sound design projects for the Lithuanian National Drama Theater. The “Sight Lines” remix comes from Denmark. Konsistent, who was one of the initiators of “Untitled Tricks” illegal raves in Copenhagen, took a slow, almost balearic approach. The “Malaria” interpretation was made by the fresh the Berlin resident – Vaiper, who is basically a flag carrier of the Lithuanian trap scene and is a frontman of locally well known Despotin Fam Band. Versatile and quality staff for global ears over here. The Remixes EP in digital format appears on sub-label Partyzanai Pop and will be presented on the 5th of August at event Partyzanai Pop Showcase: Without Letters. Big thanks to for Monika Janulevičiūtė and Tadas Karpavičius the graphic design and Pranza ( – for making it sound good. 


Preview the whole EP on our Soundcloud and purchase it over Bandcamp >>



Finally join the release launch events:



On the 27th of October at social club Raketa in Klaipėda - Partyzanai Pop | Without Letters | Raketa >>



On the 23rd of September at club Lizdas in Kaunas – Partyzanai Pop: Without Letters >>



On the 5th of August at venue Ražė in Palanga - Partyzanai Pop Showcase: Without Letters >>




  WITHOUT LETTERS - Unfollow Remixes Artwork

Today at 18:00 local time, Without Letters are presenting Unfollow EP at the local book store in Vilnius. The band will get involved into conversation and you will be able to get a limited edition MC (we have just 30 copies left) including the download code for the digital EP version.



If you are in town, hit the presentation event at Rudininku Knygynas >>


Check the video directed by Saulė Bliuvaitė for the EP title track “Herritage” on Without Letters YouTube channel >>


Preview the EP on Partyzanai Pop Soundcloud and purchase a limited MC with free EP download code on Partyzanai Pop Bandcamp >>







We are very proud to release on our sub-label Partyzanai Pop the second Without Letters EP “Unfollow”. One of the most modern lithuanian band aim to redefine how a band can sound when the guitar became a non-rebellious instrument. The group’s most recent material is inspired by the increasingly virtual and anxious feeling of the now. Electronic influences as diverse as Floating Points, Elektroguzzi or Jlin, offer an underlying dark and frantic pace to the band’s live set. Trance inducing rhythmical structures and the outbursts of sharp vocals invoke krautrock inspired blissful harmonies while avoiding escapism to a time and place that has passed or never even existed. The EP will be released exclusively on the 28th of September on limited edition MC and digital (Bandcamp), from the 26th of October elsewhere.  Here are the references:



Check the video directed by Saulė Bliuvaitė for the EP title track “Herritage” on Without Letters YouTube channel >>



Preview and purchase a limited MC with free EP download code on Partyzanai Pop Bandcamp >>






  Without Letters Unfollow Ep cover

We are continuing our podcast series with – after almost 10 years break – a joint Mantas T. and Gvidas (Partyzanai) mix specially recorded for the forthcoming Jäger Blow-Out event with Scuba at Opium Club. The mix was already broadcasted at the Nakties Spektras radio show on the Lithuanian radio station ZIP FM. Listen to the whole radio show on Nakties Spektras Mixcloud or listen and download just the Partyzanai mix by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes or on Mantas T. Soundclod>>.


The tracklist:


1. Ocean Promise / Retrospective / Partyzanai
2. Not Waving / They Cannot Be Replaced / Diagonal
3. Lea Porcelain / Loose Life (Roman Flügel Remix) / Live at Robert Johnson
4. Dj Tennis / Divisions / Life and Death
5. Jas Shaw / Entertaing Angels Unawares (Original Mix) / Delicacies
6. Kornel Covacs / Josey’s Tune / Studio Barnhus
7. Pearson Sound / XLB / Pearson Sound
8. Skudge / Realtime (October & Appleblim Remix) / Skudge
9. Beyond The Wizards Sleeve / The Soft Bounce (Daniel Avery Rework) / Phantasy
10. Project 01/Planet 01 / Institution 01 / Endless Flight
11. Without Letters / Cold Frame / Partyzanai Pop



Bon Appétit and see you @


>> Jäger Blow-Out event with Scuba at Opium Club in Vilnius


>> Kartelis: Partyzanai x Naktiniai Pauksciai x Infektion at club Lizdas in Kaunas




 Partyzanai Podcast #40 Cover foto