Next on our podcast series is a Mantas T. vinyl only special mix to respect the whole Supynes Festival 2017 crew for surviving the most extreme weather conditions in the history of lithuanian festivals. We hope they take it as a chalange and continue their tradition to organize one of the most acknowledged festivals in Lithuania, which unites the most of local underground electronic music communities. The mix is available on Mantas T. Soundcloud or over Partyzanai Podcast subscribtion in iTunes >>


The tracklist:



1. Akis / Biofields (Feat. D. Spaneas) / Into The Light
2. Smagghe & Cross / Cariillion / Offen Music
3. Broken English Club / Rust Ballad / L.I.E.S.
4. Electronome / Minimal Dope / Murder Capital
5. Kris Baha / Lockdown / Bahnsteig 23
6. Ennio / Stein Ego / Patron
7. Stefan Egger / Power Synthi (Sneakers Bakalao Ajustement) / Macadam Mambo
8. Sebastopol / Manethon (Privacy Remix) / Correspondant
9. Martin Dupont / The Lights (Mw Edit) / Vielspass
10. Lowfish / A List Of Ghosts / Analogical Force
11. Rebolledo / Pow Pow / Hippie Dance
12. Fallbeil / Voice Of Thunder / Mannequin
13. Broken English Club / Country Life / Jealous God
14. Identified Patient / Vermoedens Van Achterdocht / Pinkman
15. Alessandro Adriani – One Minute (After Death)
16. Smagghe & Cross / Onde De Choc / Offen Music



Bon Appétit and see you in the forthcomming events @



>> 14.07. Paktas @ Peronas Venue in Vilnius


>> 14.07 Kablys x Devilstone Festival 2017


>> 15.07 Tropico micro festival, organized by Happening





 Respect for Supynes Festival 2017

The best 11 tracks of Plius Plius Plius label artists, cherrypicked by and community, who joined their efforts to discover, purify and deliver a versatile and promissing electronic music created by lithuanian rebels. The compilation is also available on limited MC and includes tracks from debut EPs of Mecanica, Thing, Rjn Dzem, Bell Riots, Konsistent (incl. Drvg Cvltvre Remix), OBCDN and DJ $tocker. The compilation in digital and MC format appears on and Partyzanai joint label Plius Plius Plius Records and will be presented on the 27th of May at event +++ Showcase. Big thanks to Romanas Orlovas for the graphic design and Pranza ( – for making it sound good. 

Preview the whole compilation on +++ Soundcloud and purchase it on the limited to 50 copies MC or digital format at +++ Bandcamp >>



Finally join the release launch event at Opium club in Vilnius - +++ Showcase >>




[PPP008] VA - Plius Plius Plius Showcase 2015-2017 Cover Artwork

We are continuing our podcast series with Mantas T. vinyl only live mix for the Borderless Podcast Episode #033 on the Barcelona City FM radio and on the Lithuanian radio station Neringa FM. Listen to the whole show on Borderless Soundcloud or listen and download just the mix by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes >>.



The tracklist:


1. Mekanik Destruektiv Kohmandoeh / Im Land Des Ewigen Krieges / Monogam
2. Die Orangen / Oodnadatta Rain / Malka Tuti
3. Alessandro Adriani / White Swan / Mannequin
4. Ricardo Tobar / Eleven / Correspondant
5. Future Sound Of Antwerp / Volium / Deewee
6. Inga Mauer / Silences / Shtum
7. Various Artists / R / Equation Recordings
8. Tv Baby / Wild Joy (Tom Of England Astro Instrumental) / Deus Records
9. Rrose / Dr2-3 / Noise Manifesto
10. The Golden Filter / Rivers / Optimo Music
11. Cabaret Voltaire / Low Cool / Instinct Records



Bon Appétit and see you @


>> Partyzanai Showcase at Raketa Venue in Kalaipėda


>> Prisukamas Abrikosas in Kaunas


>> Minimal Modays in Club Kablys in Vilnius





 Partyzanai Podcast 43 cover for Borderless Podcast

Focused post-punk outfit from Vilnius. Local Blood delivers the most instrumental EP on our Partyzanai Pop sub-label, which will be presented on the 6th of April at special event in club Kablys - Local Blood: The Lure Of Sights >> 


Preview the whole EP on Soundcloud >>



Check the video shot in an operating coal factory for the EP title track “Crawling Borders” on the Vilnius Temperature YouTube channel >>



Pre-order EP in CD fromat at Partyzanai Pop Bandcamp >> 




LOCAL BLOOD The Lure of Sights EP Cover web news

DJ $TOCKER is awkward-winning international Internet figure, a blurry celluloid who fights demons like mom. One of the biggest influences for Mr. DJ $TOCKER are money, avant-garde music and cinema like short movie “Outer Space”. His sounds lead to some kind of paranoia of unpretentious eyeless angel. Some say he is just a meditational cocktail of runny nose in this chaotic modern shopping culture. DJ $TOCKER – in terms of music – is not about something to get scared of. It is more about getting confused and wondering what those uncomfortable compositions are trying to say. But maybe they do not mean anything at all. It is more about the exploration of the “sense and nonsense”, where the significant dissonance between the spectator and events creates a huge disruption of the ability to be sucked in. The dark side of the stock is used as a resistance to the normal music rules, conception of this medium and more importantly – comprehension of human factor as “non-creative”. DJ $TOCKER’s latest EP is dedicated for the political madness partly created over social media. This confusion is reflected in his creative process, which reminds a situation where dozen opened tabs with looped audio sounds have no ability to be closed. You are trapped and you are already dead.The EP appears on and Partyzanai joint label Plius Plius Plius Records and will be presented on the 10th of March at event +++ w/ Eduardo De La Calle. Big thanks to Romanas Orlovas for the graphic design and Pranza ( – for making it sound good.



Preview the whole EP on +++ Soundcloud and purchase it at +++ Bandcamp >>



Finally join the release launch event at Opium club in Vilnius - +++ w/ Eduardo De La Calle>>




[PPP007] DJ $TOCKER - Plius 6 EP out on Plius Plius Plius Records

We are continuing our podcast series with Mantas T. vinyl only mix for the Low Heights dj duo, podcast and party series. Listen and download the mix by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes or over Low Heights Soundcloud >>


The tracklist:


1. Traumprinz / 2 Bad (Metatron’s What If Madness Is Our Only Relief Mix) / Giegling
2. Prosopo / Presence / Lux Records
3. Ocean Promise / You Be Walking (Annanan Houxx Remix) / Partyzanai Records
4. Prosopo / Pegasus / Lux Records
5. Interstellar Funk / No Lessons / Rubber
6. Nikolajev / Pegasus / Collect Call
7. Boot & Tax / Sintessi Bassa / Optimo Trax
8. Paranoid London / Give Me The / Paranoid London
9. Lor / Factories 1984 / Cin Cin
10. Faster Action / Soki Loka / L.I.E.S.
11. Konstantin Tschechow / Broken Symmetries / Rat Life Records
12. Underspreche / Mi Luz Es Dintina Feat. Sandra Restrepo S / Optimo Trax
13. The Rattler Proxy / Oscillation / Lurid Music
14. DJ Metatron / The Journey / Giegling


Bon Appétit and see you @


>> Teleport event at Lizdas and Anna Mesha in Kaunas


>> Darkroom with Cardopusher at Kablys club in Vilnius




 Partyzanai Podcast #42 for Low Heights Podcast by Mantas T. (Partyzanai) cover image

… to all of you in the back and in front of the scene for the best moments in 2016. Special thanks to: community for the Plius Plius Plius event and label collaboration, the clubs of our residency - Opium clubLizdas - also Kulturos Baras Kablys, Space Bar (club) for the places to be, Without Letters, Black WaterOcean PromiseAnnanan, Rjn Dzem, Bell Riots, Konsistent and OBCDN for the releases,  Tadas Karpavicius and Romanas Orlovas for the graphic designs, Lukas Miceika aka Vodka Jugend and Mindaugas Arlinskas aka Vj Oro Pagalvė for the visual support and for the music to sound better. Check our gallery by clicking the featured picture >> Best of Partyzanai 2016

OBCDN aka Obsidian – for many centuries have been used successfully by crystals gazers and shamans to make contact with the spirit world. The vibration of Obsidian may resonate within the third eye and has a strong vibration to aid the receiving of answers to any questions. OBCDN electronic journey began in late 2008. As trained classical musician, guitarist and pianist he started exploring underground techno scene of the small Lithuanian town Siauliai. OBCDN instantly became synthesizers and vinyl enthusiast after his first debut at annual techno festival “Inferno”, where he introduced his own rough industrial, raw and transcendental techno palette. Since 2012 OBCDN is based in UK, but still spreads his sound all the way from the Netherlands, Germany to Lithuania. After years of exploration OBCDN now introduces his 4 track prelude to his never ending electronic music story. Debut EP appears on and Partyzanai joint label Plius Plius Plius Records. “Plius 6 EP” will be released on the 23rd of December 2016 and presented on the same day at event +++ w/ Eric Cloutier. Big thanks to Romanas Orlovas for the graphic design and Pranza ( – for making it sound good. 


Preview the whole EP on +++ Soundcloud and buy it at +++ Bandcamp >>



Finally join release launch event at Opium club in Vilnius - +++ w/ Eric Cloutier >>




OBCDN Plius 6 EP cover artwork

We are continuing our podcast series with Mantas T. vinyl only live mix for the Night Birds (Naktiniai Pauksciai) radio show on the Lithuanian radio station ZIP FM. Listen to the whole show on Mixcloud or listen and download just the mix by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes or on Night Birds Soundclod>>


The tracklist:


1. Ocean Promise / Birds And / Partyzanai
2. The Beach Boys / ‘Til I Die / Brother Records
3. Not Waving / Punch / Diagonal
4. Maschinedrum / Opalescent / Ninja Tune
5. Autarkic / Ufo (Space Version) / Disco Halal
6. Inga Mauer / Cologne Clone / Hivern Discs
7. The Rattler Proxy / Follow (Khidja Remix) / Lurid Music
8. Kusuma / Automatone / I´m a Cliche
9. Cray76 / Nynyny / Crowdspacer
10. Julian Stetter / Wall / Ancient Future Now
11. The Mogs / Kelly Blame” (Electric Light version) / Mogs
12. Levon Vincent / Tubular Bells (Oldfield) / Novel Sound



Bon Appétit and see you @


>> Plius Plius Plius with Gunnar Halslam at Opium Club in Vilnius


>> Partyzanai Showcase x Black Water LIVE at club Lizdas in Kaunas




 Partyzanai Podcast 41 at Night Birds radio shoe cover

Today at 18:00 local time, Without Letters are presenting Unfollow EP at the local book store in Vilnius. The band will get involved into conversation and you will be able to get a limited edition MC (we have just 30 copies left) including the download code for the digital EP version.



If you are in town, hit the presentation event at Rudininku Knygynas >>


Check the video directed by Saulė Bliuvaitė for the EP title track “Herritage” on Without Letters YouTube channel >>


Preview the EP on Partyzanai Pop Soundcloud and purchase a limited MC with free EP download code on Partyzanai Pop Bandcamp >>